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Expert Technology Help For Small and Mid-Sized Businesses:

Let Network Advantage be your technology partner. Most small businesses, like yours, cannot afford professional full-time Information Technology management but can afford the services and approach of Network Advantage!


Critical Help With Your Communications:

VoIP Telephony can save you time, money, and greatly extend the reach of your telecommunications systems with flexible and versatile state-of-the-art advanced features.


One Example:

A medical practice had used a centrex-type of telephone system since its inception. The practice had outgrown this setup, but instead of going to a traditional telecommunications supplier, this time its owner decided to do something a little different: explore the world of IP Telephony.


With our assistance, we identified appropriate VoIP providers and standard, non-proprietary telephone equipment. A “virtual-pbx” was deployed by Network Advantage LLC in our datacenter which boasts a 99.999% uptime. IVR (Interactive Voice Response) was recorded and programmed, and extensions were set up and assigned. The system was successfully tested for several weeks; at that point the practice’s phone number was ported over and now rings into the new system.


Look At These Features:

While cost savings on toll, long-distance, and international calling are quite significant, there are also huge benefits on the equipment side.


* No costly on-premise pbx boxes, and no proprietary telephones.

Broken extension? No problem, just order one from the many manufacturers now producing these inexpensive standards-based ip-telephones.


* Need to move personnel or add phones?

A task accomplished with minimal fuss or disruption.


* What about voicemail?

All messages can be acted on with any web browser, or traditionally through the phones.


* Take the phone to a home office (you can certainly purchase one to stay there permanently) or bring it with you on business travel.

When you connect it to the internet you are now part of your company’s telephone network!


* Don’t forget about conference calls

Unlimited number of participants, no extra “conference room” charges.


Truly the communication system of the future, here now and priced right for most enterprises. And the choice and variety of services offered by the multitude of VoIP providers is also rich indeed.


If your existing equipment is nearing end-of-useful-life and/or you want to see just how much savings each month you can realize, please take the time to investigate and see if IP Telephony is right for you.


Act Now:

To start saving 30-50% off your current monthly telephone bill and also economically renew your equipment.


Get More Value From Your Network and Technology:

We provide expert IT help for small businesses. Network Advantage can administer, secure, support, and maintain whatever technologies you currently utilize. Our knowledge and experience span many vendors’ products; however, we favor Open Source solutions where and when they make the most sense. In any case, we look to bring robust, enterprise-grade technology to smaller organizations at affordable prices.


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