Net-Voice Benefits & Features

Critical Help With Your Communications:

VoIP Telephones can save you time, money, and greatly extend the reach of your telecommunications systems with flexible and versatile state-of-the-art advanced features.


Net-Voice Provides Extraordinary Benefits While Saving You Money:

• Most advanced feature-set available in the marketplace today

  • Unlimited Extensions
  • Unlimited Auto Attendants
  • Unlimited Call Groups
  • Unlimited Interactive Conferencing
  • Voicemail to Email
  • Music on Hold (WAV/MP3)
  • Call Parking
  • Land Line Support
  • Very Customizable
  • and much more…

• Dramatic reduction in long distance costs

• Inexpensive equipment with no vendor lock-in

• No cabling costs


No costly on-premise pbx boxes, and no proprietary telephones.

Easy expansion/replacement from the many manufacturers now producing these inexpensive standards-based ip-telephones.


Need to move personnel or add phones?

A task accomplished with minimal fuss or disruption.


What about voicemail?

All messages can be acted on with any web browser, or traditionally through the phones.


Take the phone to a home office (you can certainly purchase one to stay there permanently) or bring it with you on business travel.

When you connect it to the internet you are now part of your company’s telephone network!


Don’t forget about conference calls

Unlimited number of participants, no extra “conference room” charges.


Truly the communication system of the future, here now and priced right!

If your existing equipment is nearing end-of-useful-life and/or you want to see just how much savings each month you can realize, please take the time to investigate and see if IP Telephony is right for you.

Net-Voice is built upon the powerful, highly scalable multi-platform FreeSWITCH.

Solutions Without Limits:  Net-Voice delivers the tools needed to bring corporate level communication system features to small, medium and large organizations.


  • Auto Attendant: inbound call can be play a recording that gives customers options . Extensions can be dialed and calls directed to local extensions, voicemail, conference numbers, queues, or external numbers (for example: a cell phone).
  • Call Detail Records: with various reporting capabilities to see who called,  when , call length ability to export to csv file.
  • Call Forwarding: can be forwarded to another extension or to any phone number
  • Call Monitoring: Administrator can view which extensions are currently in a call
  • Call Parking: Press  *5900 to park a call, unpark the call with *5901
  • Call Queuing: can load calls into queues so they can be answered in the order they came into the queue.
  • Call Recordings: to record all or some calls or parts of the call
  • Call Routing: can send the call different directions or perform actions based on reading the caller id info or other call information
  • Call Transfer
  • Announced Transfer
  • Blind Transfer
  • Call Waiting
  • Caller ID support and customization for supporting providers.
  • Conference Bridge to set up conference calls, optionally secure with a PIN number, can transfer current calls to conference
  • Direct Inward System Access (DISA) ability to call into the system put in a pin code and then call back outbound.
  • Do Not Disturb (DND) sends call directly to voice mail.
  • Follow-me to ring a desk phone for so many rings then try a cell phone when a call comes in
  • Inbound Routes to direct calls depending on caller ID and interface by which a call arrives
  • Interactive Directory Listing
  • Intercom a paging extension can be created that will send intercom calls over a speaker system
  • Original Phone Numbers can be maintained.
  • Music On Hold Can add wav or mp3 file including music or even a business sales message
  • Paging for phones that support it (Polycom, Linksys, SNOM, and others)
  • Hunt Groups to ring multiple internal extensions and external numbers simultaneously or in succession. Can prefix the caller id name so that you can tell where the call came from. Option to announce the caller, or require a pin number.
  • Remote Office Support a remote location can register extensions and use a centralized phone system or communicate freely between systems.
  • Route by Caller ID when a call comes in the call can be routed based on the desintation number, Caller ID and other factors. For example certain clients can be routed to a special after hours menu.
  • Text-to-Speech can be customized to provide any information to caller, can optionally be protected with a PIN number. To have a good voice it requires a commercial 3rd party software and voice.
  • Three-way Calling
  • Timer Conditions allow to set up different time patterns for call handling. It allows to direct after hours calls differently than calls during working hours for example.
  • Voice Mail access from anywhere; can be sent as an email attachment.
  • Remote Support
  • PBX can be managed with web interface locally or remotely. Portable Extensions can be answered anywhere with a voip phone, soft phone, standard phone or cordless. Calls from remote extensions to any extension do not require the telephone company.


Soft Phones

Xlite – soft-phone for Windows

ZoiPer – multi-platform soft-phone

cSipSimple – Android soft-phone

Bria iPhone Edition – iPhone soft-phone


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