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Expert Technology Help For Small and Mid-Sized Businesses:

Let Network Advantage be your technology partner. Most small businesses, like yours, cannot afford professional full-time Information Technology management but can afford the services and approach of Network Advantage!

Critical Help With Your Network and Infrastructure:

Cloud, hosted, or on-premise? Email and Unified Communications, CRM, Document Imaging and Management are just for starters…

One Example:

A newly-formed asset management company was doing business utilizing gmail, google docs and the like. There were no backups of any kind, no professional email, no secure auditable storage of essential documents. Worry about compromised machines and keystroke loggers was significant. We developed a distinctive technology plan which remediated the data, security and information deficiencies in a very cost-effective manner.

By implementing appropriate technology solutions that include Open Source, Microsoft, and server virtualization, remote staff securely accesses centralized desktops in which to do all work, which is then backed up daily. A Customer Resource Management system provides systematic ways to archive important emails and relate these to Contacts, Opportunities, etc. Email is hosted on-site, giving this customer the utmost in control and security. Finally, critical documents are housed in a repository that securely audits and controls internal and external access to these documents. Everyone sleeps much better now…!

Look At These Solutions:

We recommend off-lease server hardware, where practical, yielding big $$ savings.

* On-site email server. Unlimited email accounts and domains. Spam/Virus filtering. Customized access.

Email problem? One call to Network Advantage will quickly resolve the issues.

* Virtual Desktops

Permits controlled remote access to everything with minimal firewall surface exposure.

* Software firewall on server hardware

Extremely flexible and secure with features found only on firewalls costing thousands more.

* Customer Relationship Management Software.

Self-hosted for maximum versatility and uptime. Integrates with email solution.

* Document Management Software

Loads precious documents into a “lockbox” for extremely secure access.

We can provide similar solutions to your unique problems. Start enjoying the depth of Information Technology you thought was only reserved for the Fortune 1000.

Get More Value From Your Network and Technology:

We provide expert IT help for small businesses. Network Advantage can administer, secure, support, and maintain whatever technologies you currently utilize. Our knowledge and experience span many vendors’ products; however, we favor Open Source solutions where and when they make the most sense. In any case, we look to bring robust, enterprise-grade technology to smaller organizations at affordable prices.

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