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Expert Technology Help For Small and Mid-Sized Businesses:

Let Network Advantage be your technology partner. Most small businesses, like yours, cannot afford professional full-time Information Technology management but can afford the services and approach of Network Advantage!

Critical Help With Your Network:

We see many smaller businesses with ever-increasing dependence on reliable functioning of their server(s) and network. Sadly, many are at great risk of actual business failure should they experience technology failure.

One Example:

A medical practice in a small New England town uses a management system which runs on Microsoft Small Business Server. This was installed over three years ago by the management system vendor, and included half a dozen terminals. Their network has since expanded to over fifteen workstations and a myriad of applications, including QuickBooks. Many of the miscellaneous apps as well as QuickBooks were run on the same Microsoft Small Business Server. Daily backups of the server were done regularly; nevertheless, as you will see, they were not always successful.

One day earlier this year the RAID controller on the server failed. After replacement, it was discovered the most recent usable backup on hand was one week old. To make matters worse, it turns out that QuickBooks was not even on this tape. The practice management system was restored with one week old data, but the most recent good QuickBooks backup occurred more than six months ago! A great deal of manual reconstruction was therefore necessary to bring the practice back to a functional state, and the time, money, and stress that ensued was unbelievable (and unnecessary).

The above true scenario illustrates how critical proper network infrastructure and procedures are. We were called in to “pick up the pieces” and make sure the medical practice was never again in this situation.

How prepared is your enterprise for a similar event? I urge you to think about it!

UPDATE – SEPTEMBER 2013 – The practice is well on its way to full virtualization of its ten servers. Unattended nightly backups, both on and off-site, will replace an outdated tape backup system.

Act Now:

To insure against catastrophic server crashes and network failures thru proper and intelligent network design and good practice.

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We provide expert IT help for small businesses. Network Advantage can administer, secure, support, and maintain whatever technologies you currently utilize. Our knowledge and experience span many vendors’ products; however, we favor Open Source solutions where and when they make the most sense. In any case, we look to bring robust, enterprise-grade technology to smaller organizations at affordable prices.

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