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Expert Technology Help For Small and Mid-Sized Businesses:

Let Network Advantage be your technology partner. Most small businesses, like yours, cannot afford professional full-time Information Technology management but can afford the services and approach of Network Advantage! Critical Help With Your Network: We see many smaller businesses with ever-increasing dependence on reliable functioning of their server(s) and network. Sadly, many are at great risk of actual business failure should they experience technology failure.

One Example:

A solo law practice with perhaps three computers called one day to say the owner just replaced his workstation but his emails were gone…all 7,000+ of them!

This attorney, like many computer users today, uses his email as a kind of filing system – contacts, correspondence, document attachments, etc – the convenience of email and mis-use of ubiquitous Outlook Express makes it all too easy to go along, merrily confident that all this information will be there for you always. That is, until a simple but critical event occurs to render that email unavailable, or worse, gone forever.

Network Advantage determined that fortunately, the older workstation was still available and in good operating condition, being retired due to simple old age. We were able to restore the emails to the new workstation and also upgraded a rather primitive backup system (one that omitted the mails stored on the owner’s workstation). This was a temporary fix at best and we patiently explained the situation to the owner.

A proposal to address the many security and functional technical issues was promptly presented for consideration. It detailed a new firewall, new true file server, and a proven backup solution, all at relatively small cost. Unfortunately, this client has not yet implemented our recommendations and is, in our opinion, operating at the brink of disaster. We expect an emergency call at any time.

How is you current network functioning? And how prepared is your enterprise for catastrophic data loss? I urge you to think about it immediately because data disaster can strike anytime and you must be fully prepared.

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