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VoIP Telephony can save you time, money, and greatly extend the reach of your telecommunications systems with flexible and versatile state-of-the-art advanced features.


What Are Some Examples of Net-Voice in Action?


* Maximum Extension Flexibility – Virtual Enterprises

Your phone extensions can be anywhere there is internet connectivity. If you run a virtual office with departments/staff scattered around the country/world, it simply doesn’t matter: each person gets their own extension and is part of your cohesive, professional telephone system. Calls can be routed to the individual or department with ease wherever they might be. Sandy in North America Sales transfers a call to Anan from Engineering, who is in India. The call moves seamlessly thru the system but the best part is – there is no cost to you or the caller to reach India – let me repeat: the connection to India bears no calling charges at all!


* Local Telephone Number Presence

This is a great benefit. Let’s say your organization’s activities are concentrated in several metropolitan areas, or several countries, or both. We procure local DIDs (Direct Inward Dialing) numbers for you that appear to be, and actually are, local numbers in the areas you serve. These inbound numbers ring on whatever extensions you choose no matter where the extension is located at the moment. Your customers reach you by dialing a local number. The cost for this varies by country and locality, but it is startlingly less costly than the old, conventional ways of accomplishing this magic.


* Your Extension Travels With You

If you set up an extension on your laptop/netbook then you are on your corporate phone network whenever you are connected. The “soft-phone” extension can be configured to receive calls forwarded from your regular extension – or – it can just be a very economical way for you to reach others on your organization’s network when away from your office. Calls placed thru this extension are billed at the same rate as all the other outbound calling from your system. This includes some very aggressive pricing for international calls.


* Better Uses For Auto-Attendant

Besides the classical functionality, you are free to use the auto-attendant as an information powerhouse: create an option to provide directions and hours of operation, after-hours instructions, special voicemails for specific situations, and the like. Your imagination and creativity are the only limits to this feature.


* Or, No Use For Auto-Attendant

If you have the type of organization that prides itself on a human answering your main number, no problem. And you can configure the Auto-Attendant to activate in the after-hours if so desired.


* Easy and Economical Conferencing

From within or without your organization’s telephone network, calls can be conferenced with no extra charges incurred. This even includes Ilya at that far-flung satellite office in Bulgaria!


* Varied VoiceMail Access

VoiceMail can, of course, be retrieved the usual way: by dialing your extension, providing your password etc, but we also have several other means of access. Your own web site lets users see, hear, and act on their voicemails, but there is also the option for emailing the voicemail (as a wav file). This is really a “push” option where smartphone/blackberry users receiving company email will get their voicemails without having to be on the company’s telephone network – pretty handy if you need something like this.


* Easily Changed Music-On-Hold (or Organizational Messages-On-Hold)

Music-On-Hold can be an asset in calming waiting callers. Played while on hold or when transferred,  your waiting calls will enjoy the musical selections you have easily uploaded to the system (wav files). And you should feel free to intersperse the musical selections with tales of your own creation!


* Video Calling

Our system is compatible with many video codecs. If you have the right equipment we can set you up with this important feature.


Truly the communication system of the future, here now and priced right!


If your existing equipment is nearing end-of-useful-life and/or you want to see just how much savings each month you can realize, please take the time to investigate and see if IP Telephony is right for you.


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