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Open Source solutions can offer educational and non-profit organizations tremendous opportunity for expanded service offerings and controlled costs. Let Network Advantage help you explore your options…

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Reliability and security of your enterprise networking is a given today. When was the last time you looked at your workstations, servers, firewall, infrastructure?…are you taking them for granted? Are your backups working? Can you get at critical data in the event of various potential system failures? And what about your liabilities in the event of data loss or breach?

One Example:

A newly-created public charter school engaged a consultant to set-up their network and infrastructure. The consultant did what was for some a standard practice of the time: install a standard Windows file server and also a Microsoft firewall/proxy server. There were perhaps sixteen workstations as part of the initial install.

The school grew rapidly and added new computers on an almost daily basis. Unexplained lost files, unreliable network logins, poor backups, and spotty connectivity to the internet made for a miserable user experience. The consultant’s charges increased to the point where it became very clear a change was necessary.

Network Advantage arrived on the scene just in time to prevent a complete network implosion. The Windows fileserver and firewall were replaced with Open Source functional equivalents. The school continued to expand and now included five satellite locations, all connected to the central core via Open Source firewall/VPN solutions. Implementations of Open Source web portal, mailserver, and content management system were accomplished and Linux desktops are now part of the mix. A move to new facilities brought with it controlled wireless coverage througout the campus. The entire server infrastructure runs on economical, highly regarded off-lease HP/Compaq Proliant server hardware, while an Open Source client-server backup solution protects valuable data.

Thanks to the talents of the Network Advantage LLC team and Open Source software solutions, this charter public school now possesses a rugged, enterprise-grade network developed within consistently tight budget constraints. Isn’t it time your organization enjoyed this level of efficient, reliable world-class technology.

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To insure against catastrophic server crashes and network failures thru proper and intelligent network design and good practice.

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We provide expert IT help for small businesses. Network Advantage can administer, secure, support, and maintain whatever technologies you currently utilize. Our knowledge and experience span many vendors’ products; however, we favor Open Source solutions where and when they make the most sense. In any case, we look to bring robust, enterprise-grade technology to smaller organizations at affordable prices.

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