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Expert Technology Help For Small and Mid-Sized Businesses:

Let Network Advantage be your technology partner. Most small businesses, like yours, cannot afford professional full-time Information Technology management but can afford the services and approach of Network Advantage!

Critical Help With Your Network:

We see many smaller businesses with ever-increasing dependence on reliable functioning of their server(s) and network. Sadly, many are at great risk of actual business failure should they experience technology failure.

One Example:

An eight-person Landscape Architecture firm with perhaps one terabyte of data stored on several inexpensive NAS (Network Attached Storage) devices experiences a catastrophic failure with one of these systems. It turns out that due to the volume of data and an assumed desired convenience factor, their original consultant elected to store backups on the NAS hard drives…not only were the company’s current work files gone completely, but so were the backups (all stored on the same NAS device).

Network Advantage  was called in to analyze the situation and make sure nothing like this ever happens again. We installed several proven, relatively inexpensive, and highly reliable data servers and implemented a rugged, no-nonsense, client-server SDLT tape backup solution. Personnel was trained on proper usage. We are also remotely monitoring on a continuous basis the effectiveness of these backups.

In the course of our work the client informed us of frequent storage reboots and workstation disconnects occurring during the workday. We recommended, and subsequently implemented, economical improvements to their network infrastructure including replacement of a typical SOHO (Small Office Home Office) – type of firewall with an enterprise-grade open source product.

How is your current network functioning? And how prepared is your enterprise for catastrophic data loss? I urge you to think about it immediately because data disaster can strike anytime and you need to be fully prepared.

Act Now:

To insure against catastrophic server crashes and network failures thru proper and intelligent network design and good practice. Get More Value From Your Network and Technology: We provide expert IT help for small businesses. Network Advantage can administer, secure, support, and maintain whatever technologies you currently utilize. Our knowledge and experience span many vendors’ products; however, we favor Open Source solutions where and when they make the most sense. In any case, we look to bring robust, enterprise-grade technology to smaller organizations at affordable prices.

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Located in Western Massachusetts, we welcome small business, non-profit, and professional-office customer inquiries from New England, New York City and State, and the entire region.

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